happy halloween!


this costume was a risky choice. august has never liked having things on his head and he doesn't really like things around his neck much either (many a onesie has been stained beyond the powers of bleach because he won't keep bibs on), so i had my doubts - the bandanna and the hat kind of make the costume. without them, it's just a regular white thermal and overalls, which although practical, are not very festive. last week i tried the whole ensemble on to see if august would actually keep the two essential accessories on for trick-or-treating and wouldn't you know it, he didn't mind them. ALL ABOARD! NEXT STOP HALLOWEENTOWN 

have a fun night everyone and save us your twix bars, we'll trade you for our butterfingers.  



there's something you should know about my husband, whenever he isn't trying to do the robot, he's actually a GREAT dancer. sometimes people miss that about him. they think he's being goofy, if not wry - which he is - but that's not entirely who he is. i thought those things too when i first met him in college, he was sarcastic and unapologetically honest and even though i was intimidated, i was also intrigued. 
then we danced at his graduation party. 
we wouldn't start dating until months later, but it was his kick-step and the commanding way he twirled me that night when i first suspected he might be the oneyou see, i'm not the easiest person to dance with, especially if my partner is a man that is accustomed to leading because i am a woman that is reluctant to follow. it can make for a frustrating and awkward tug-o-war instead of  fluid movement, but from our first two-step, andy and i had a connection. he was direct, but a good listener. he understood the subtleties of my cues and took me confidently by the hand, spinning me in circles until i was laughing and squeee-ing like august at the sight of a bath full of bubbles. he reminds me not too take myself so seriously and to have fun; to be straightforward and sincere; to be trusting and not over-analyze. he may have gumption that borders on audacity - which can be either inspiring or infuriating depending on your mood - but man, do we have fun dancing.
our sweet newly-wed friends recently shared the photos from their beautiful day with us, all the photo credit goes to their talented photographer, niles grey.

nature boy


there was a boy
a very strange, enchanted boy
they say he wandered very far
very far, over land and sea
a little shy and sad of eye
but very wise was he

and then one day,
one magic day he passed my way
while we spoke of many things
fools and kings
this he said to me:

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn
is just to love and be loved in return"

listen to nature boy HERE

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