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for all the notoriety surrounding the terrible twos, august has done a commendable job at dispelling its infamy. so far, it has been more fascinating than anything else... in all it's unpredictable and bipolar ways.

his insatiable curiosity that always seems to demand a greater understanding of things is softened by the amazed - almost hushed - way he asks, mama, wass daaaat? and his constant yearning for more becomes laughable at the third uno mas, which should really just mean "one more". but my favorite lately is how a couple of times a day he'll ask, you happy? he does it with the most sincere concern and it sometimes even comes accompanied with a tender little hand on the knee.

you can put the twos (or any "phase" or "season") in the best of light, but the truth is that like most things, it has its pluses and minuses. and on those days when you've been through the ringer, squeezed dry of every drop of patience you possess, there's nothing like hearing a little voice ask you happy? to put things in perspective and maybe even a smile on your face.

baby wish list


although there are still three weeks until i enter the third trimester, i have already arrived at the nesting stage of pregnancy. several nights of sleep have been lost to this new found obsession enthusiasm of mine as i've lied in bed thinking about all the preparations to be made for our next little one - all the sorting, cleaning, organizing, and rearranging. life with children has a tendency of very literally spilling into other areas and because of that, i try to be particularly mindful of what things we need versus the things we want. pieces that offer multi purposes, for example or pieces that can grow with our family hold the highest value. fortunately, we have just about all the baby essentials from when august was born stored away, waiting to be cleaned and reused. that isn't to say though, that there aren't a couple of items that would be nice to add to what we already have, so i've compiled a list of a few of my favorites (mostly to get them out of my head and on to a screen so i can have some peace of mind and maybe a couple hours of solid sleep).
baby wish list
1. blabla doll /  2. moses basket / 3. classic white longsleeve onesies / 4. national parks map / 5. baby moccasins / 6. gift for big brother / 7. bedtime story / 8. abc blocks / 9. sheepskin / 10. pacifier / 11. macrame swing chair

august meets the ocean


august meet ocean
we did a complete 180 - from mountains to seaside - and spent the weekend with some good friends at the beach. it was august's first time seeing the ocean, which we thought for sure would be an immediate hit because that boy takes to water like, well, ducks do. we spent the entire drive saturday morning talking up the "big agua" he would see and accordingly, he got all worked up repeating after us biiiiig agua, with grand arm gestures. but when we hit the beach hours later, the crashing waves and stiff ocean breeze were a bit too much for him. august refused to so much as dip a toe into the water. even andy's valiant attempts of running into the tide a jumping a few small waves were terrifying and not the least bit reassuring to august. instead, he watched in horror as his mind jumped to what i imagine were tragic conclusions of his dad getting swallowed up by the ocean. so we retreated further back onto the beach, tentatively played with the sand for a bit, and called it a day. 

the next morning dawned a new day, though and a new boy with it. august seemingly woke up fearless and ready to take on the beach. i don't know where his new found gumption came from, but he was running up and down the beach gathering up all the shells he could find to throw into the water. by the afternoon, he even let andy bury half his body in the sand. and he liked it! sometimes, he'd get caught in a trance watching the waves break and at the particularly big ones he'd yell BALLENA! which i know he knows is "whale", but i can only assume he was reminded of because of the salty spray? who knows. the inner workings of a child's mind will always be a mystery, but being there by his side and watching him figure it all out is pretty awesome.
big ague
andy b&w
finger in the sand
seagull Collage
sand Collage
agus & mama


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