on walking before running


the common misconception is that because i am a runner, i live this super healthy lifestyle. while i appreciate the high regard that comes with the assumption, i can't own it. the truth is, i only take really good care of my body when i want some specific result from it.

two prime examples are my first marathon and august's birth. in both situations i treated my body like a temple and it paid off. come to think of it, those may have the only times i've truely seen my body for what it is and appreciated all the amazing things it is capable of. you'd think that realization would've been inspiration enough to stick with whatever was working, but although i continued to view my body as a temple, continuing to treat it that way was another story. proof of that kind of neglect usually appears in the form of either injury or illness and in the past month, i've had both.

something else happened in the past month; august started walking on his own! while observing him {and it doesn't get old watching him take those wobbly steps, with him mouth open in concentration, and arms out for balance}, it occurred to me: he and i are living parallel lives right now. here's this boy, whose big eyes dart from place to place faster than his little legs can take him there. then there's me, whose big ambitions jump from one goal to another faster than my body is able to recover. we're both itching to run.

one thing before the other, right? so i took five weeks of rest to let my body fully heal and swapped the time i'd usually spend out on early morning runs, doing the things i'd daydream about during those runs. when that didn't involve sleeping in, it meant walks to the park with august and helping him to develop his new skill.

with the forced downtime, i also did a lot of self-evaluation and dug through the mental archives to pull out all the things i was doing before that made me feel so good and that helped my body to perform so well. they were simple things, going to bed at a good hour, being mindful of what goes in my body as well as what goes on my body, like drinking loads of water, stretching after every run, strengthening weak areas and trying to maintain balance ALL while being kind to myself.

seems like a lot to manage, but i thought again about my new little walker and all the different things he must have to think about just to get one foot in front of the other. one day, it'll come naturally and he won't have to think about it so much, which inspired me, maybe the same will be true for me? in the mean time, i am commited to getting things back to where they were, not because i have another specific demand to ask of my body {although truth be told, there are a couple of goals in the distant future that i've got my eye on}, but because it'd be nice to be able to keep up with august.

over the past couple of weeks, i've made small changes to my lifestyle to get "back to basics". i'll be sharing those simple changes over the next month with the hopes that it might inspire you too because "if we aren't improving then we aren't moving forward" #orsomethinglikethat. also, accountability is key when enthusiasm wanes, so hold me to this, deal? deal! 

at the old ball game


if i had drawn up a to-do list for this summer, near the top - right under "roast marshmallows" - would've been "go to a baseball game". i'm not a huge baseball fan per se, but i am a fan of cracker jacks. and s'mores. so, baseball and 'mallows. you're killing me smalls!

andy, on the other hand, prepares for opening day each year by watching every great baseball movie ever made and always ends his lineup with major league (it's a cleveland sports thing). since april, he and august have "watched" most saturday games that have aired during the prime napping hours of 2-4pm. one could say the two have been pre-gaming for months. so when we were invited to a ball game last weekend, andy was SO excited to take august to his first onewe had grand visions of him wearing this little baseball cap i got him for the game, cheering at every exciting play, and eating his first ballpark frank, spicy mustard and all.

but at a little over one year old, a lot of august's "firsts" are lost on him. like the baseball cap, which he refused to wear because even official MLB hats are not an exception to his nothing-goes-on-my-head policy. and hot dogs, which apparently are an acquired taste, even without the spicy mustard. but there was a lot that was not lost on him. like the roar of the stadium after each base hit. august joined right in with the rest of the fans, stopping whatever he was doing to clap wildly while shouting GOOOOOOL! (we're coming right off the world cup so ANY ball that is struck, gets the famous soccer cry from august.) we made it through five innings and even though we never did get a program for his baby book, they handed out commemorative bobbleheads - which hold up better after going in a child's mouth than paper does anyway. so welcome to our home, denard span. i hope you like it here because august sure does like shaking you.  

an anniversary of love


these are my parents and today is their 47th wedding anniversary. today is also the day {six years ago} that my father died. 

i'm certain the occurrence of these two events not a coincidence. i believe my dad held on until this exact date before passing. i think he chose to leave us on the same day they got married so that we would have something happy to celebrate after he was gone. he was like that: very strong-willed and a total romantic. so today isn't an anniversary of his death, it's an anniversary of their love. because he would've wanted it that way.


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