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today i'm at northern ambitions where my friend, ursula, is featuring a series about the simple joys of the holiday season, so head over there to read a story about one of my favorite childhood memories. you really should do it.

holiday recipe hack


this is the season of celebration and joy. when i was a kid that meant presents, but now it means enjoying different kinds of gifts. now, the holidays are about gathering with family + friends, of everyone coming together, enjoying each other's company, and of course, food.

when i think about food during this time of year, i crave comfort. sometimes comfort comes from a hearty dish, other times it comes from the sentimentality of a dish that has a story behind it. either way, i am drawn to ingredients that offer one, if not both. ingredients like cranberries, rosemary, walnuts, and blue cheese. all those come together in this recipe hack, which would make either a great appetizer to add to a potluck or as a fancy offering to your holiday host.

the lush cranberries and evergreen rosemary coordinate with the seasonal color palate, making it a festive platter. the presentation alone is enough to impress, but you're not totally winning until all the flavors come together. the combination of the berries and herbs is bright and woodsy. pair that with the richness of blue cheese and the savoriness of walnuts and it's comfort at its best.

the best thing about this dish is how easily it comes together. every ingredient can be found right at the grocery store: a wedge of stilton, cranberry sauce, walnut halves, and crackers, all for under $20! if you're feeling ambitious, you can definitely up your game by making the cranberry sauce from scratch (i used this recipe for our thanksgiving dinner and highly recommend it), but if you'd rather spend that time pre-gaming with a mocha and christmas tunes, then buy the pre-made stuff and the other party guests will be none the wiser. wink, wink!

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12.10.2014's beginning to look a lot like christmas!


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