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august at twenty-two months...

reading: oso pardo, oso pardo, que ves ahí? (the 1967 classic, en español)
singing: the abc song
watching: the gruffalo and the gruffalo's child
seeing: through our trickery in getting him to sit on the toilette
eating: mini "mushmaoos"
drinking: water, then upending the sippy cup and watching the rest drip out into a giant puddle
counting: to four before breaking out into the rest of feist's song
marveling: at falling water; out of faucets, off eaves, out of cups... (see "drinking" above)  
hoping: for another 30 minutes before we take him to bed
wanting: double or three times the recommended serving of kids vitamins (they're basically gummy bears)
needing: new clothes. he has officially grown out of 18-24mos and is firmly into the 2Ts. eep!
wasting: no time getting out the door and outside these days
playing: hide-and-seek... still. that game never gets old to a toddler.
enjoying: warmer evenings with the back door propped open and the entire yard as his oyster
waiting: for either andy or me to get him from his crib every morning
laughing: when we spin around until we're dizzy and then fake-crash into walls
wondering: "where'd mama go?" whenever i'm out of sight
loving: bath time now that we have bubble bath again (it just isn't as fun without the bubbles)
smelling: the crocuses that popped up in our yard this week (teaching him to "stop and smell", you know?) 
wearing: a too-small rain coat we got as a gift that he absolutely loves and will NOT give up
following: airplanes across the sky with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open in wonder
learning: how to use words instead of screaming his frustration
noticing: the moon whenever she's in the sky and saying "i see you, luna!"
knowing: when he has disappointed us. he hangs his head like charlie brown
thinking: plastic bags are balloons because when you fill them with air and tie the ends, they sort of are
opening: tupperwear containers all on his own, which until recently was a major source of frustration for him
feeling: supported, if not understood, when things don't go his way

it's been almost four months (!) since the last time i made a list like this, but i think it may become a more regular thing here.



gah! I'm gonna miss that face! who's taking over #augustdaily while I'm gone?
it wasn't until recently that andy started appreciating the music of indie pop singer-songwriter, feist. for the most part, we've adapted our tastes in music to conform pretty well to each other, but he never really got on board with feist. that is, until we discovered that she collaborated with the gang at sesame street to sing her most popular tune for the show. a clip! for your reference and enjoyment: here

august LOVES this song.

since his birth, august has been drawn to music. not particularly surprising, i know. when most babies begin discovering their senses, sound is one of the first to develop, but he seemed to show an interest beyond the curiosity of what is that noise? whenever he was distressed, it was music that calmed him down. and when he became mobile, it was music he wanted to make, banging on the floors/tables/pots, until we finally got a clue and bought him a xylophone.

we have a few other instruments in the house, including a harmonica, a small keyboard, and andy's acoustic guitar, which he calls the "ding-dong-doon" (probably because we call it that too, but some of the words that kids say you just don't correct, am i right?) anyway, several times a week - usually at bath time - andy will bust out the guitar and play a full set while august splashes and sings along. the point is, we are constantly exposing august to and surrounding him with music, but where do we go from here?

i've mentioned before that i grew up playing the piano. i didn't choose the piano, it was chosen for me. all my sisters played it and my parents invested in a beautiful one for the house, so without question, from the age of seven i began taking weekly classes with a private instructor. every day i didn't have lessons, i practiced. the clock on the kitchen timer would be wound to 60 minutes and i would be confined to the piano bench until it rang. i had a love/hate relationship with the instrument. sadly, by the time i actually started enjoying it i was in high school and when i got to college, i completely let it go. i haven't played a lick since.

andy, on the other hand, didn't pick up an instrument until high school and he taught himself to play. now, he gets the guitar out practically every day and has an ear for music that i was never able to develop in my tens years of study. all he has to do is listen to a song and he's already naming what key it's in or picking out the chords. stone temple pilots, led zepplin, bob dylan, ryan adams... he's developed an awesome playlist and august + i get front row seats to nightly performances.

andy and i have had a lot of conversations about the role music will play in august's life. back when i was pregnant with him, we were already making plans for him to learn the fiddle, but really we'd be happy with any instrument. i just wonder which route do we go? do we stay on course, letting it evolve organically and letting him follow his attraction to whatever instrument at whatever level of interest. OR do we provide more guidance and structure by introducing him to the instruments we know and putting him in classes?

i know of several friends who went the private lessons route, loved it, and still play today. but having witnessed andy's musical journey, i'm really drawn to how much more naturally it evolved. for those of you who've either played yourselves or have children who play, any insight? i'm probably getting a little ahead of myself right now, but i did recently see my old piano teacher and she said "the sooner the better!" (she began at age three). in the mean time,  i guess we'll just keep feist on endless repeat.

it's the first day of spring and it's snowing and august is like...


oh the raccoon in the background? that's just gee-gee waving "whaassup?". august put him there.

but it's friday and we're having nachos tonight. and after august goes to bed, andy and i will cuddle up on one side of the couch, while duck bogarts the other half and we'll kind of watch the ncaa tournament, while talking about life things. and at around nine thirty, in a very yawn-y voice, andy will bemoan how tired he is and will ask if i want to go to bed, to which i will jump up and cheerfully shout "yes!" with the same enthusiasm as if he'd asked me to move out west and open a coffee shop.

and when we wake up tomorrow it'll be sixty degrees (or at least it will be by the time the day reaches it's temperature highs) and there's a new playground with a red bus that has august's name all over it, so we're totally going to take a stroll to check that out. and maybe we'll grab a coffee on our way over to the park or maybe my awesome husband will make one for me, but the point is that we have no plans or obligations and it'll be spectacularly uneventful. 

and that's what makes this weekend or any time with my happy little family so fantastic - because everything is spectacular when we are together.

i hope, i hope, i hope yours is spectacular too. 

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