yesterday evening


the park was curiously empty yesterday evening, considering it was the most perfect, non-humid summer night any july has ever produced. not to question the opportunity of having the whole playground almost entirely ourselves though, we continued on and called it a freebie. there was only one other family there - a new family with a six month old baby girl, i later learned. august spotted her from across the soccer field before we even got to the playground. "mama, baby!" he pointed out. when the stroller finally came to a stop, he scrambled out of his seat, keeping his eyes glued on the little girl, all the while repeating his observation. he climbed over the little retaining wall onto the mulched court and headed right towards the family, completely disregarding all the springing/sliding/swinging equipment that he had been so worked up about on the walk over. his shyness finally caught up with his fascination when he reached the zip line and there he stopped, hugging/hiding behind the pole, but still watching the girl. i walked up next to him and placed my hand on his head as he said it again, more timidly this time "mama, baby" and then he added "cute". my heart about had it at that moment because yes, that baby *was* very cute, but hearing it from a toddler not a year and a half older, may have been cuter.

the peaches are in!


"it's already getting hot out there" he said, as we shuffled into the kitchen. he stood at the table fixing his breakfast, already having finished his run, showered, and dressed before we had even conceded to the call of daylight. "i just did an easy eight because i didn't want to push it in this heat", he continued with the proud air of failed humility. eight MILES, i'd correct him in my head. why does he always leave the "miles" out, like the rest of the world knows what he's talking about. barely conscious, grouchy, and a teen, i was annoyed with my dad and his unflagging pep. he ceremoniously went on with his preparation though, oblivious to (or more likely, ignoring) my bad attitude. he loaded his bowl beyond the brim with cereal and then carefully topped it with fresh fruit. there's no way he's going to fit the milk in this time, i maliciously thought and watched incredulously as he put his hand on top of the heap, slowly poured the milk, and then carefully removed it without any spillage. my dad, defying archimedes and the law of displacement before 9am. 

summer was a bountiful time at our house growing up. there were tart cherries in june, raspberries and blackberries in july, and as the final send off to the season, blueberries. that was only the beginning though because once my dad had a taste for fresh fruit from the garden, he wanted more. so he built an orchard in the back and lined it with rows of peach, pear, and apple trees. i remember how proud he was of those little saplings when they arrived, hopeful of the bushels of fruit they would one day bear. it seemed like a frivolous pursuit at the time since it was just him and my mom at the house. it takes years for fruit trees to mature. i think he only got to enjoy one yield before his passing, but who was i to ever criticize a man who loved his fresh fruit.

my mom called last week, excited to tell me that the peaches were in and producing almost daily by the bucketful, so we made plans for a visit on the weekend. august happily picked peach after peach and before long our bucket had reached maximum capacity. as we walked back to the house with our heavy load i thought all the things i could make with the peaches. cobbler, of course and i could probably find an easy ice cream recipe. preserves are a no-brainer. maybe muffins of some kind too? and that's when i remembered my dad's go-to cereal topping. i laugh at the memory of his breakfast ritual now and my heart swells with every detail of his idiosyncrasies. if he were alive, i'd join him for his early morning run and afterward, we'd each fix a giant bowls of fruit-topped cereal, but for now, i bake pecan peach bread. 
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 cup pureed peaches 
1/2 cup chopped pecans
2 cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

preheat oven to 350. combine butter, sugar, eggs, and peaches in mixer; add cinnamon, soda, and salt. mix until combined, then add flour. pour into greased loaf pan and sprinkle the top with some raw sugar. bake for 25 minutes and set to cool. best enjoyed the next day, along with a cold brew and the little owner of two chubby hands and the sweetest voice that asks for "uno mas paaaaan?"


currently 04


reading: help, thanks, wow: three essential prayers
singing: blue shadows - one of the only songs that august doesn't gruffly cut off with 'TOP MAMA 
whenever i sing it.
watching: my belly button slowly disappear.
seeing: just the tips of my toes now when i look down at my feet.
eating: papaya enzymes after every meal.
drinking: tart cherry juice like a lush.
counting: on train and/or fire truck sightings for a successful morning stroll with august.
marveling: at the strength of baby-baby's kicks.
hoping: that the next three months pass as quickly the last seven.
wanting: original wood floors and trim, exposed radiator pipes, a clawfoot tub, and lots of natural light.
needing: 3-5 pillows for a comfortable night of sleep. andy is slowly being forced out onto the couch. 
wasting: money on bottles of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and ice cream from the good humor truck. you can't put a price on summer's best. 
playing: and replaying august's birth story through my mind. i *can* do this again.
enjoying: long walks better than short runs.
waiting: on our garden. we've got little green tomatoes and zucchini flowers, but what i'm really looking forward to are the cucumbers (and the jars of pickles i will be eating).
laughing: all the time. between my two goofy guys, one of them always has me laughing.
wondering: if this little one will be a boy or a girl
loving: how excited august gets when he wants to tell us something. he repeats the first word half a dozen times before getting the rest of the sentence out.
smelling: apple cider vinegar. i've been using it as a facial toner and now andy says i smell like a salad.
wearing: glasses, since my eyeballs no longer seem to be producing moisture.
following: august follow lightning bugs in the yard.
learning: so much from other women who are mothers, especially those with more than one child.
noticing: a stronger resemblance to andy in august lately.
knowing: that we only have a few more months as a family of three. 
thinking: about taking a day trip on the weekend and planning the itinerary.
opening: my arms wide to mark the finish line for august's "starts". every race ends with a hug and a spin.
feeling: excited

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